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bosch superser manual

Best place to start is manual. Typical 1600 manual shows troubleshoot starting page 19 Bosch has online tech support form: BOSCH error codes: Add a comment for more free help. Also take advantage of fixya expert assistance live. For a price, expert works with you while you work on water heater or any do-it-yourself project. Fixya is always less expensive than a service call. Login to post Reset, three tries, gas is there, but no ignition. Power going to the gas valve. The igniter does not stop sparking once the flame is lit. What will cause this? However, based on responses at fixya, Rheem most likely will not send instructions. Rheem does not want customers repairing gas appliances. 3) Go to Bosch website, and track down their service bulletins for possible assistance If you need further help, I’m available over the phone at It uses electronic ignition on demand, which is what you hear clicking. If there is no gas going through and you've verified there is gas to the inlet, then it has to be the gas control valve.Open following link for Bosch: Search of Bosch for that model number shows no result. Some water heaters do not have a pilot light. Instead they use hot surface igniter rod that glows red hot The igniter rod ignites the gas after solenoid valve opens and gas flows to combustion chamber. The igniter rod and heat sensor have to be operational, and have to be positioned correctly for ignition to take place. If igniter rod is not working, or if heat sensor does not detect flame, then gas solenoid valve shuts down and water heater does not heat water.Its a Bosch Tankless. I followed the instruction on how to turn it on. I did them all step by step. Once the water is running the automatic igniter turns on. Go to the link below and type in your model or select it and the instructions take you through the gas pressures and so on. I need to know the model name and make and then we can go threw the process of how to do it.

Most gas heaters do not have power to them and I only know of a few tankless heaters that do.Lately the hot water is REALLY hot and the water has a brown tint to it. Lately the hot water is REALLY hot and the water has a brown tint to it. Does that have anything to do with the thermostat and if yes is it easy to replace without having to call a service guy? Answer questions, earn points and help others. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. To save money and not freeze, we bought a Bosch calor gas heater from one of the builders' merchants. Unfortunately, after a week of use, the heater starts to sputter, the gas feed fades and then dies. We've had the thing back, with connectors and gas bottle once, got it all replaced with a new one, and now, not quite a week later, its happening again. My husband has tried replacing the connector with the spare the supplier gave us, but no dice. The heater isn't in an area where dust or dirt could be getting into it, thereby clogging it up. Any ideas what might be causing it. The supplier doesn't seem to be able to shed any light.The supplier can only suggest we bring the heater back in, again, to be replaced. This would be the second replacement and the third of the same model. ?100 we don't have down the tubes.Never lasted more than a week with heavy use when I had one. BBThe weight of the empty cylinder will be stamped on the aluminium shroud round the neck of the bottle.I even tried contacting Bosch in Milton Key. They were no help. They suggested trying Bosch in Worcester. I give up. I think there's a fault with this particular brand. Guess we have to haul the damn thing back to the supplier for a refund and try a different make. Appreciate the input tho guys. Roll on May and the end of the lease!Could you be getting too much Co2 in the house. Be carefull with carbon monoxide too!!! Dont sound too clever to me!

:SWe're thinking the supplier is giving us the wrong connector. Sick of the whole business now so the entire kit is going back on Saturday and bugger it. They can give us a refund. Word to the stupid; never, ever rent an old house with ancient central heating on a prepay meter with a British Gas top up card. By the time we get switched to someone slightly less larcenous, we'll be broke. Or the lease will have expired. In which case, we'll have moved. Thanks for the input guys. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. For the best chance of winning, increase your maximum bid.Please check your email account for more details.To be sure to win, log in for the live auction broadcast on 11 Oct 2014 11:00 BST or increase your max bid. We have thousands of new lots everyday, start a new search.Please register now so you are approved to bid when auction starts.Our staff will be happy to help you if there is anything you do not fully understand.Accordingly if you buy your primary contract is with the seller.The lower estimate may represent the reserve price and certainly will not be below it. Estimates do not include the Buyer’s Premium or VAT (where chargeable). Estimates are prepared some time before the sale and may be altered by announcement before the sale. They are in no sense definitive.VAT is charged on the premiumThis imposition of VAT is likely to be because the seller is registered for VAT within the European Union and is not operating the Dealers Margin Scheme or because VAT is due at 15% on importation into the UK. Lots which appear without either of the above symbols indicate that no VAT is payable on the hammer price. This is because such lots are sold using the Auctioneers' Margin Scheme and it should be noted that the VAT included within the Premium is not recoverable as input tax.

We are dependent on information provided by the seller and whilst we may inspect lots and act reasonably in taking a general view about them we are normally unable to carry out a detailed or any examination of lots in order to ascertain their condition in the way in which it would be wise for a buyer to do. Intending buyers have ample opportunity for inspection of goods and, therefore, accept responsibility for inspecting and investigating lots in which they may be interested. Please note carefully the exclusion of liability for the condition of lots contained in the Conditions of Sale. Neither the seller nor we, as the auctioneers, accept any responsibility for their condition. In particular, mechanical objects of any age are not guaranteed to be in working order. However, in so far as we have examined the goods and make a representation about their condition, we shall be liable for any defect which that examination ought to have revealed to the auctioneer but which would not have been revealed to the buyer had the buyer examined the goods. Additionally, in specified circumstances lots misdescribed because they are 'deliberate forgeries' may be returned and repayment made. There is a 3 week time limit. (The expression 'deliberate forgery' is defined in our Conditions of Sale).Ask us if you need help.Some form of identification will be required if you are unknown to us. Please enquire in advance about our arrangements for telephone bidding.They will be executed as cheaply as possible having regard to the reserve (if any) and competing bids. If two buyers submit identical commission bids the auctioneers may prefer the first bid received. The auctioneers reserve the right to exceed the maximum amount by one bid in order to secure the lot on your behalf. Please enquire in advance about our arrangements for the leaving of commission bids by telephone, email or FAX.Credit cards are subject to 2% surcharge.

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It is a subset of the Debian universal operating system and includes free software only. You can run it on a small, inexpensive and power-efficient computer box in your home that is dedicated for that use. It can also be installed on any computer running Debian or in a virtual machine. In order to replace third-party communication services that are data mining your entire life, you will be able to host services yourself and use them at home or over the Internet through a browser or specialized apps. These services include chat and voice calls, webmail, file sharing and calendar, address book and news feed synchronization. For example, to start using a private chat service, activate the service from the administration interface and add your friends as authorized users of the service. They will be able to connect to the service hosted on your FreedomBox, using XMPP chat clients such as Conversations on Android, Pidgin on Windows and Linux, or Messages on Mac OS, for encrypted communications. FreedomBox is a product you can just buy, set up and use. Once installed the interface is easy to use, similar to a smart phone. User documentation: List of applications offered by FreedomBox. Manual Live Help from the community FreedomBox can also host a Wi-Fi access point, ad blocking proxy and a virtual private network (VPN). More advanced users can replace their router with a FreedomBox. Setting up FreedomBox on a specific hardware or on your computer running Debian may require a bit of technical expertise or help from the community. Related technical documentation: Machines that support FreedomBox Download and Install FreedomBox Developer Manual This includes secure instant messaging and low-bandwidth, high-quality voice conference calling. FreedomBox lets you publish your content in a blog and wiki to collaborate with the rest of the world.

On the roadmap are a personal email server and federated social networking using GNU Social and Diaspora, to provide privacy-respecting alternatives to Gmail and Facebook. It can sit between various devices at home such as mobiles, laptops and TVs and the Internet, replacing a home wireless router. By routing traffic, FreedomBox can remove tracking advertisements and malicious web bugs before they ever reach your devices. FreedomBox provides a VPN server that you can use while you are away from home to keep your traffic secret on untrusted public wireless networks and to securely access various devices at home. It can also be carried along with your laptop and used to connect to public networks at work, school or office to avail its services. It could be used in a village to make available digital communications throughout the village. In the future, FreedomBox intends to deliver support for alternative ways of connecting to the Internet such as Mesh networking. However, at the core, it is a server software that can aid a non-technical user to setup services and maintain them with ease. Security is automatically managed and many of the technical choices in system administration are taken care by the software automatically thereby reducing complexity for a non-technical user. This nature of FreedomBox makes it well-suited for hosting services for small communities like villages or small firms. Communities can host their own services using FreedomBox with minimal effort. They can setup Wi-Fi networks that span the entire area of the community and draw Internet connections from long distances. Community members can enjoy previously unavailable Internet connectivity, ubiquitous Wi-Fi coverage, free VOIP services, offline education and entertainment content, etc. This will also boost privacy for individuals in the community, reduce dependence on centralized services provided by large companies and make them resistant to censorship.

The free e-book FreedomBox for Communities describes the motivation and provides detailed instructions to setup FreedomBox for this use case. Members of the FreedomBox project are involved in setting up Wi-Fi networks with free Internet connectivity in rural India. This e-book documents their knowledge and experiences. First demonstration of FreedomBox at SFLC, University of Columbia by Sunil Mohan Adapa. Alternatively you may choose to build it yourself, by gathering all the components: A supported device (including any device that can run Debian). We will call that the FreedomBox in the rest of this manual. A power cable for your device. An ethernet cable. A microSD card (or equivalent storage media for your device), prepared according to the instructions on the Download page. Power on the FreedomBox. Note: On most single board computers, don't expect any output on a monitor connected via HDMI as the support may not exist in the kernel. See below to access and control your FreedomBox via network. On first boot, FreedomBox will perform its initial setup (older versions of FreedomBox reboot after this step). This process may take several minutes on some machines. After giving it about 10 minutes, proceed to the next step. Note: Currently, due a known bug, you need to restart your FreedomBox after 10m and then proceed to the next step. After the FreedomBox has finished its initial setup, you can access its web interface through your web browser. If your computer is connected directly to the FreedomBox through a second (LAN) ethernet port, you can browse to: or. If none of these methods are available, then you will need to figure out the IP address of your FreedomBox.After installation this certificate can be changed to a normal one using the Let's Encrypt option. The first time you access the FreedomBox web interface, you will see a welcome page. If you have installed FreedomBox using a Debian package, you will be asked for a secret key.

This secret must have been provided during the installation of the Debian package. The next page asks you to provide a user name and password. You might not want to use the user account you will want to use in daily usage, to prevent security issues. You can later add more users. After completing the form, you will be logged in to FreedomBox's web interface and able to access apps and configuration through the interface. Now you can try any of the Apps that are available on FreedomBox. You can also access it by clicking the FreedomBox logo in the top-left corner of the FreedomBox's web interface. The front page includes shortcuts to apps that have been installed and are enabled. For web apps, clicking the shortcut will take you directly to the app's web page. For other services, clicking the shortcut will show more information about the service. This page lists all of the apps that are available for installing on FreedomBox. Click the name of an app to visit its page, where you can install and configure it. It includes helpful links and the FreedomBox manual. It includes a number of pages related to system configuration. A drop-down menu includes options for editing the current user or logging out of the user interface. Eventually you might miss the menu options on slim windows. That's because the top menu options collapsed into the burger icon shown at the top right corner of the window. Clicking on it the menu drops down. Reading the FreedomBox Project Page. Note: If you purchased a FreedomBox kit this section is not meant for you, so you can just skip it entirely. (Unless you specifically want to build an alternative software image). You may either install FreedomBox on one of the supported inexpensive hardware devices, on any Debian operating system, or deploy it on a virtual machine. Installing on a machine running a Debian system is easy because FreedomBox is available as a package.

We do recommend to install FreedomBox on a supported single board computer (SBC). The board will be dedicated for FreedomBox use from home, this will prevent a lot of risks, such as accidental misconfiguration by the user. In case of trouble deciding which hardware is best for you or during the installation, please use the support page or read the Questions and Answers page based on posts on the Freedombox-discuss mailing list archives. Instead read the instructions on setting up FreedomBox on Debian. On the web is a lot of documentation about setting your device up and flashing USB or SD Cards to boot your hardware. Note: Testing and nightly images are automatically signed by the FreedomBox CI server.You'll need to copy the image to the memory card or USB stick as follows: Figure out which device your card actually is. Unplug your card. Run dmesg -w to show and follow the kernel messages. Very carefully note this and use it in the copying step below. Your downloaded file name will be different. Copy the image to your card. Also make sure that you don't run this step as root to avoid potentially overriding data on your hard drive due to a mistake in identifying the device or errors while typing the command. USB disks and SD cards inserted into the system should typically be write accessible to normal users. If you don't have permission to write to your SD card as a user, you may need to run this command as root. In this case triple check everything before you run the command. Another safety precaution is to unplug all external disks except the SD card before running the command. On MacOS (OSX) you can use programs like balenaetcher and rosaimagewriter. The above command is an example for the cubietruck image built on 2015-12-13. Your image file name will be different. The device without a number refers to the entire device, while the device with a number refers to a specific partition. We want to use the whole device.

Downloaded images contain complete information about how many partitions there should be, their sizes and types. You don't have to format your SD card or create partitions. All the data on the SD card will be wiped off during the write process. Use the image by inserting the SD card or USB disk into the target device and booting from it. Your device should also be prepared (see the Hardware section). Read (the rest of) the Manual for instructions on how to use applications in FreedomBox. These instructions are similar to obtaining and building source code for Debian since FreedomBox is a pure blend of Debian. Using this process you can obtain the source code to the exact version of the package you are currently using in FreedomBox. To see the list of software packages installed on your FreedomBox, run the following in a terminal: dpkg -l To obtain the source code for any of those programs, then run: apt source This requires that the apt sources list contains information about the source code repositories. These are present by default on all FreedomBox images. If you have installed FreedomBox using a package from Debian, you need to ensure that source repositories are added in the file.Source code and pre-built binary package for any version of a package including historic versions can be obtained from For example, see the plinth package. You can also obtain the links to upstream project homepage, upstream version control, Debian's version control, changelog, etc.You can build and install a package from its Debian's version control repository. For example, git clone This is also available as a Debian package and source code for it may be obtained using the above methods. Build instructions for creating disk images are available as part of the source code for freedom-maker package. FreedomBox disk images are built and uploaded to official servers using automated Continuous Integration infrastructure.

This infrastructure is available as source code too and provides accurate information on how FreedomBox images are built. It contains an small but important fix that is not part of Debian sources. The fork of the Debian u-boot source repository along with the minor change done by the FreedomBox is available as a separate repository. We except this change to be available in upstream u-boot eventually and this repository will not be needed. This package can be built on a Debian armhf machine as follows (cross compiling is also possible, simply follow instructions for cross compiling Debian packages): apt install git git-buildpackageIt is not meant to be used directly by users. Servers such as Matrix Synapse need to be configured with the details provided on the Coturn app page. Apart from Matrix Synapse, Jitsi, Ejabberd, Nextcloud Talk, etc. There is no need for the servers to be running on the same machine as FreedomBox and external servers can use Coturn running on FreedomBox. Coturn is configured in FreedomBox as an advanced app.This will give the best possible latency (better signal quality) and avoid depending on a centralized server (privacy). It scales well because a simple chat server can host thousands of calls without involving the server in any way other than to setup the call. However, this approach does not work most of the time to due to how networks are configured. Most peers on the network do not have a unique IP address allocated to them. This means that the two peers have no way of reaching each other. To address this problem, a simple technique known as STUN was introduced. With the help of a third party STUN server, the peers can trick the NAT devices, to carry the traffic between the two peers. Unfortunately, this trick only works about 80% of the time. So, if STUN fails, peers have no choice but to route their traffic through an intermediary server called TURN server.